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I recently got Overwatch, and I’m so in love with it. It’s such a fun game to play by yourself or with friends. Blizzard really knocked it out of the park with this one. If you’re still unsure about the game, let me highlight the best things about Overwatch.

So, I know what you’re thinking: you aren’t good at first person shooters, so this game isn’t the game for you. I am someone who is awful at first person shooters. Though, in Overwatch, there’s so many different types of characters. It doesn’t really feel like a first person shooter at all. Sure the character I main happens to have a gun, but there are other characters who aren’t about shooting people. You can play as support characters, which are crucial to the team, or you can play as defense characters that are away from the action but still get kills. Characters I suggest for people who don’t like first person shooters are Mercy, Lucio, Symmetra, Hanzo, and Torbjörn.

Like first person shooters but you can’t aim that well? Soldier 76 is perfect for you. His ultimate is even designed for people who can’t aim. All you have to do is shoot in the general direction of a character. You might also like Junkrat seeing as he has a grenade launcher as his weapon. You don’t really have to aim at people, more like in the general direction people are at. You can also lay down traps which can help you get kills as well.

Want a game that is fun but challenging at the same time? Overwatch. That is literally Overwatch. Characters like Genji and Tracer are hard to master and it can be challenging going up against people who are good with those characters. Though, the game is still fun to play as you work together as a team and defeat the other players. It’s going to be frustrating at first but once you get good as a character, it’s going to be great. Not one game is going to be the same. That’s both fun and challenging. You always have to adapt to the situation at hand.

If anything convinces you to get the game it should be the cast of characters. They are all so unique and have their own story. Sure the story isn’t in the game all that much, all you truly get are some lines that some characters say to each other, but you can tell each character has a personality. You aren’t just playing as Soldier 76. You are playing as Soldier 76 who is way too old for this and he feels like he’s babysitting a bunch of brats. He says so many things during the battle that makes him more than Soldier 76. All these characters are so special. If you compare this to Team Fortress 2, you’re going to see that Overwatch has dynamic characters that just feel different than the ones in Team Fortress. I mean in Overwatch you can play a talking monkey name Winston and a spider lady, named Windowmaker, who snipes people. And all the characters are from different areas of the world. Pharah, a badass lady who flies in the air and shoots rockets, is Egyptian. Reinhardt, he’s a tank that hits people with a huge hammer, is german. Mercy, the team mom and angel healer, is Swiss. D.Va, a teenage gamer who has her own mech, is Korean. Reaper, an emo dead guy with a skull mask, is American. All these characters have so much too them.

From one person bad at first person shooters to another: get this game! You’ll love it, I guarantee it.

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