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Whether you’ve caught the love bug or just want to impress a new date, one thing will always keep that romantic spark alive. I’m of course talking about video games. Yes, it’s true, my girlfriend never quite tires of hearing me drone on about Xenoblade Chronicles and its turbulent journies through figuring out how the combat works. But every now and again, when I’m afraid my esoteric ramblings might be boring her, she introduces some co-op masterpiece into my life and sets us on a journey filled with laughter and joy. Of course, the co-op experience is a delicate one, one that requires a gentle touch to be pulled off effectively. So if you’re like me, and always on the hunt for fun multiplayer, this is a list for you. Here are some of the cooperative adventures that helped endear me to the genre.

1. Unravel Two

Unravel Two is, without doubt, one of the most gorgeous games I’ve ever played. I first experienced this game on PC after watching the moving trailer set to Aurora’s Queendom at E3 a few years ago. While the first game offered a short but sweet puzzle adventure with stunning visuals and moving sequences, the second game shifts its focus to a cooperative experience. I think one trap co-op games fall into often is making an experience that feels like it was built for single player, and allows for multiplayer. Unravel Two feels like its multiplayer is woven (ha) into every facet of its DNA. To the point where conversely, playing the game by oneself feels like a somewhat incomplete experience. Because of the triumphant nature of its puzzle-solving, there’s a facet of collaboration that seems to transcend even the core mechanics. Add to this that the game is visually appealing, has a very interesting setting, and pretty reasonable difficulty scaling, and you’re left with a player journey any pair would be lucky to share.

2. It Takes Two

What? The GOTY is on here? Who’d have thought? In all seriousness, the talk surrounding It Takes Two is far from mere bluster. This game offers a story centered around love, in a Pixar-esque family-focused tale featuring a couple on the brink of collapse, and a magic gyrating book who fully intends on helping them to repair their marriage. The premise is charming, but it’s the gameplay that helps this experience feel fresh. It Takes Two isn’t particularly shy in its obvious homage to classic games, but its own ability to juggle numerous play styles is what ultimately helps it feel like a truly great game. Each area has a different set of core mechanics, there are secrets abound, minigames where you can challenge one another, and a fantastic story-driven experience that, for me, harkens back to a lot of the goofy 3D action-platformers I loved as a kid.

3. Never Alone

Kind of a throwback, this one. I remember playing it when it first came out 8 years ago. Never Alone offers one of my favorite types of co-op, which is asynchronous gameplay. I love the idea that my second player and I can each bring our own dynamic set of skills to the table. It Takes Two excels at this idea, but Never Alone really introduced me to the concept in a very special way. This game features the story of Nuna and her fox companion as they travel through eight chapters of wonderfully crafted puzzle platforming. This atmospheric game world boasts beautiful historical context, culturally rich aesthetic, and suspenseful, emotional, gripping narrative. I’ll admit that presentation does a lot of the heavy lifting of this game, as it is prone to the occasional bug, but I would still say the platforming is satisfying and offers each player a different lens into the world.

4. Wario Ware – Get It Together!

I’ve always been a sucker for Wario Ware. The strange aesthetics, absurdly fast pace, and bizarre characters always helped to bring the simple microgame gauntlets to life in a special way. After years of drought, I was as surprised as the rest of you to see the series make a triumphant return on the Nintendo Switch with Wario Ware: Get It Together!. Add to this an emphasis on cooperative gameplay, and you have a recipe for grand and chaotic times. Each player in this minigame collection will pilot a tiny version of a classic Wario Ware character, each of whom interacts with the minigames in a different way. By combining talents, reflexes, and a penchant for the weird, every player will find some fun in this wacky adventure. Also the high pressure nature of the microgames is perfect for turning any romance into a war for supremacy…which is the goal, yeah?

5. Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze

Platformers are a tough genre to nail. The best of them are few and far between because of the sheer level of polish they require to feel good. I’ve talked about my fair share of good ones on my YouTube channel, but I seldom get the opportunity to discuss the groundbreaking cooperative platformer that is Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze. As hard as it is to create a resonant single-player experience in the platforming genre, to create a meaningful co-op experience is even more difficult. Tropical Freeze takes an exceptionally smart approach to this, creating three “sidekick” characters that Player 2 can latch onto. Whether you’re playing as the floaty yet familiar Diddy Kong, the bouncy and resilient Cranky Kong, or Dixie (she has this cool ability while she swims I guess) each character changes the way you interact with the world. The ability to team up with DK to perform expert platforming feats allows both players to be part of the action all the way through. And the variety of one-off events and bombastic internal stories each level possesses allows for a sense of adventure nearly uncontested on this list. Banana Slamma!

6. Backseat Gaming

There’s nothing more engaging than speaking when someone around you isn’t interested in what you have to say. I’m kind of having a laugh at our mutual expense here, but in all seriousness, there’s a lot of joy to be had in watching someone else play a game you enjoy. I can’t tell you the amount of joy I’ve gotten just from reliving games like Xenoblade or Celeste through the eyes of another person. Plus you never know what you might have missed the first time around.

Adventure is the spice of life as they say! Share that spice with a romantic partner or a good friend! I hope some of these adventures bring joy to your lives. I know they have for mine. Thank you all for reading and come back soon for more from the GAME ROOM!!!

You down for a little action? These five games will offer great beat ’em up, hack’n’slash, and straight up brawling action! Here are five games you’ll be mad if you miss this summer, from yours truly!

infamous second son5) inFAMOUS Second Son
At it’s cheapest in the game’s history this title will give you the experience you crave. Boasting great characters, comfortable mechanics, a karma system, and a fun recreation of Seattle to explore, you’ll have plenty to do and be kept occupied for some time. Despite its status as a PS4 exclusive, I consider this game a system seller, and a title all should try.

4) DMC: Devil May CryDMC Devil May Cry

I did a video review of this game not too long ago. It adds new layers and depth to the hack’n’slash series. It’s a classic, and a lot of fun. The story kind of stinks, but all and all, it’s a fun game. I’d definitely check it out if you get a chance. Thankfully, current and previous gen owners alike have access to this game.

3) Hyrule Warriors Legends

I’m a huge fan of the Warriors franchise. I think that these games offer players a unique experience, and while it may not be the most unique, it does take an interesting spin on hoard combat. This game offers some of the best action based combat around, and it’s topped only by the fact that it has such a beautiful franchise as its focus. This is the best the cast of the Zelda franchise has ever looked. No doubt.

2) Bayonetta 2

If you missed out on Bayonetta 2, I’d go back and give it another try. Yet another crazy action game with an eccentric protagonist, and some of the most interesting combos you’ll ever see. If you want to learn how to talk to a lady, play this game.

1) Asura’s Wrath

This rare breed of action game was the focus of a review I wrote last week. It is one of the best and most unique asuras.wrath.03a.lggames I’ve ever played. From a beautiful soundtrack to stunning visuals, a sweet narrative to unique setting, there’s no doubt that this title will last in my heart for many years to come.

That’s my five. Tomorrow will be the E3 post-show podcast! I look forward to seeing you guys at 2pm EST on In the meantime, thanks for reading and come back soon for more from the GAME ROOM!!!

We’re back for another one of these lists! This time, I’m tackling the Fighting Game genre. I’m a long time fan of a lot of fighting games. But these five, above all else, I think are a good way to pour some time down the drain.

GGXRD5. Guilty Gear Xrd: Revelator

Guilty Gear is a good fighting series. With Xrd Revelator coming out soon, I can only imagine the same quality combat will be present here. I’d recommend any fans of the series to give it a try. The anime aesthetic, combined with the unique and creative character and weapon designs, with combos and comfortable movement to boot? This game is without a doubt, a good way to spend time this summer.


4. DragonTitle Screen Ball Xenoverse

This might seem a bit contradictory given my review, but I actually think Xenoverse is a fun game. It’s not Earth shattering by any stretch, but it’s a fun ride. It expands on the DBZ storyline, which in my opinion is already very heavily flawed. But you don’t go to Dragon Ball Z for the writing, you go for action. Straight up, gritty, heart pounding action. Character customization and an expansive move-set make for a pretty average, yet decent, anime fighting game.

3. Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 4ninja storm 4

This game offers the most extensive roster of any Naruto fighting games, and refined mechanics like never before. Team battles allow you to switch between all characters freely, and special moves can be executed with simple and easy controls. Combine this with a spectacularly executed story mode, that stays true to the original series, while still managing to be very video game friendly. It’s engaging, entertaining, and most of all, fun. If you’re into fighting games, this is one you want to try.

Sub-Zero looms over these interesting new cast members.

Sub-Zero looms over these interesting new cast members.

2. Mortal Kombat X/XL

This is one of the best fighting games on the market right now. I’d wager it’s among the best I’ve ever played. From a fun and exciting story to a large and diverse character roster, Mortal Kombat has stepped up their game. MK9 was a blast, but this game has a special factor to it. Interactivity with the environment, variants for each fighter, and the Faction system, which includes you in a community of people who fight like you do, make for a very valuable and immersive experience. But remember, not a game for the faint of heart by any stretch. Very graphic and very gory.

Nintendo's greats all in one spot!

Nintendo’s greats all in one spot!

1. Super Smash Bros. For Wii U

Seriously? Did anyone think a different game was gonna take this spot? With a roster currently boasting something close to 60 characters, countless stages, the ability to customize fighters and stages alike, and of course, the expansive and magnificent soundtrack. There isn’t a better option out there for a fighting game to pour hours into. With great online options, fantastic local play, and plenty for a single-player experience, this game is going to keep you busy for a long time.



That’s enough for this post! Thank you all for reading. For more on games you should be playing this summer, come back soon for more from the GAME ROOM!!!

This isn’t a review. It’s a brand new segment. Basically, each week I’ll encourage you to check out a new set of games. For the summer, the theme falls under the topic we were discussing on my podcast last week. So this week, we’re talking about the easiest genre to pour your life into. That’s the RPG. I’m going to say five RPG’s I think are must haves for anyone who wants to kill a summer. So let’s get started!


  1. Earthbound

Earthound cast gathers around in Saturn Valley!

This game is a classic. I definitely think everyone should give it a try, as it did set a lot of the standards for modern RPGs like Undertale or Citizens of Earth. Earthbound is a game truly larger than itself. It deals with strong mature themes through the lens of a child, and thus, presents things in a pleasant way, but doesn’t stop you from thinking hard about them. Earthbound has a lot to do in the main story, but not a lot of side content. All the same, it’s an enjoyable experience that every RPG lover should try.


  1.  Dragon Age Inquisition

If there were ever a company that knew how to jam-pack world building into a game, Bioware is that company. DAI
They’re lovers of good strong narrative, and executioners in every sense of the world. They constantly deliver, and Inquisition is yet another instance of a world with tons of unique personalities, and is pretty easy to find at a bargain these days. If you’re a fan of meeting characters, consciously made, mature, realistic characters, play this game.


  1. Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE

TMSThis is my most anticipated game this summer. The genius developers at Atlas are making an RPG themed around the cast of Fire Emblem. While it’s a Shin Megami Tensei crossover, a lot of those elements are a little bit harder to find. With a theme on pop and style, this is definitely a weird one, but all the same, I expect it will have the charm that has drawn players to both series’ for all of these years. I expect this to be a day one purchase for me. If you’re interested in trying something weird and new, check this one out on June 24.


  1. Xenoblade Chronicles X

Xenoblade XI wouldn’t be me if I didn’t put in a plug for Xenoblade Chronicles X. While I much prefer the first of the series, and it’s cheaper to get your hands on, X is a very large and expansive game. For someone interested in exploring a vast world and watching it unfold before your eyes as you traverse varying terrain and overcome large enemies and obstacles. While the main story is simple, and can be completed in a twenty or thirty hour span, the amount of side content is incredibly large. There’s a lot you can do to benefit yourself as the game goes on. Things like, building new skells, or fighting tyrants, or doing squad quests all make you stronger. The stronger you get, the more you can take on, and the more the game grows. You truly are building the world as you go, rather than discovering it like you would have in the original.


  1. The Witcher 3

Witcher 3There are few games out there that have received as much acclaim as The Witcher 3. This Game Of The Year recipient will put you in incredible combat scenarios, interesting dialogue sequences, and a few spicy love scenes. This game has a very large amount of content, and while I’m partial to the Eastern RPG, this game does tickle my fancy with its vibrant art style and sheer versatility. If you want a game to explore, this is your pick.




Alright! That concludes this segment of “Top 5 Summer Picks.” If you enjoyed, feel free to come back next week for yet another one of these fellas. Themes will change in time, so don’t worry. We’ll never fail to spice things up. In the meantime, for more RPGs like Xenoblade and The Witcher 3, come back soon for more from the GAME ROOM!!!