Category: E3 2017

It’s time to start looking toward the summer with a more consistent and confident idea of my responsibilities, and how they’ll impact the posting schedule. I’ve been able to create quite a bit of multimedia content since January, and if at all possible, I’d like to continue on that path with a different approach.

The highlight of last summer’s content, at least in my opinion, was the weekly podcast we did in which we had discussions surrounding the world of game development, as consumers and content creators alike.

I plan on shifting that content to be a bit more consumer focused this time around, though my developer experience does allow me to explain certain decisions and processes as they come up. There are already a few ideas for new podcast content being explored by me and other members of my team. One thing I know for a fact that I will be pursuing as soon as possible is more coverage of E3 similar to last year. So stay tuned, more updates on all of this will be coming this week on the GAME ROOM!!!