What’s In The Game?

This is a video series themed around getting to the heart of good game design, using a couple of series’ from my younger years as a benchmark.

Super Monkey Ball: An Unexpected Success

This game is a childhood favorite of mine and I was thrilled at the chance to write this in-depth video essay about it. Super Monkey Ball is very much its own breed of game, boasting incredibly original mechanics and a sense of atmosphere and aesthetic that accents every moment to control your feelings and your thought process throughout each level.

Paper Mario: Forgotten Formula

While I LOVE Xenoblade Chronicles, Paper Mario was my first favorite game. The original title taught me a lot of vocabulary, puzzle solving, and just overall brain-tools that helped shape my creative thought process. I wouldn’t be on my way to becoming a novelist without this game’s lessons in storytelling.

The Psychology of Warriors

The Warriors franchise is in a critical limbo. Its style of game feel is in a constant battle with its repetition and oft unoriginal storytelling. I want to get to the heart of perception of this series, and why it manages to be so effective so often.

Thank you all for watching and come back soon for more from the GAME ROOM!!!