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Yeah, so there are going to be a few posts relating to this as E3 is in merely two weeks. But given glitches we encountered on the podcast and whatnot, I wanted to make sure that this information got across as soon as possible. The most direct thing that everyone needs to hear is this:

E3Mustapha’s Game Room and MMOExaminer are teaming up to provide you with the best and most thorough E3 coverage you can find. From constant articles and live-tweets to a full stream covering the press conferences and some of the show floor content. While we won’t be at E3, we will be paying close attention to every broadcast and covering news in an effective and concise way with the charm of myself, Jeremy and James, the likes of which you wouldn’t get anywhere else.

Over the next few weeks prior to the conferences, you’ll see a theme of E3 predictions and reflection on both my site and MMO Examiner.

During E3 however, the stream is going to be embedded on their website. We will likely be watching the broadcasts directly from the sources. Sony’s from their own broadcaster and so on. I will also be adding an E3 page to this website that will link to where all the action is taking place! So make sure to check that out. There will be more updates in the week as things change.

E3 is the biggest time of the year for the video game industry, as we get a retrospective look at the past year, and an even bigger look at the next year going forward. I think that is an opportunity we should welcome and embrace. For more on this partnership as news becomes available stay tuned on MMOExaminer, and stay tuned here on the GAME ROOM!!!