This Week In Review

Hello, Game Roomies! We had a decent time this week! I’ve been hard at work trying to create quality content, but some things have changed. Video Reviews for instance, are just not currently on my radar. I don’t really have enough good tech to make that happen.

I know I haven’t posted every day as I planned, but here’s something to supplement that! Some discussions and articles I did on MMOExaminer this week.

Above is my author page on the site. You can see all of the articles I’ve written here.

Some highlights? My favorites that I wrote this week are the one about Paper Mario: Color Splash where I gave commentary on the E3 2016 trailer. I’m obviously not too enthused about the game.

I’ve also started two weekly segments on MMOExaminer. For instance, “Weekly Tavern Brawl” segment based on Hearthstone’s weekly events. The other is a RetroNight, where I highlight a game of the past. This one is near and dear to me for sure, because as I’m sure you guys have realized, I’m a lover of classic titles. Sneak Peak, I’m gonna write about Earthbound for the first segment.

I also covered the tragic reception that Mighty No. 9 has been getting. Poor Inafune. Not a good time. Anyway, that’s about all for me for today, but tomorrow I plan on writing a special post. Something kind of new to the Game Room! In a sense. In the meantime, thank you all for reading and come back soon for more from the GAME ROOM!!!

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