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Don’t worry loves, the cavalry’s here….with Overwatch! That’s right, this is the day everyone has been waiting for. Blizzard’s FPS is finally here! Move over, Battleborn because your time to shine is up.

Overwatch's Tracer strikes an awesome pose!

For months we have been getting animated trailers that tell the story of all of the characters in the game, and each one has generated more and more hype for the game. Now that the game is finally here, does it live up to the hype?

Yes. Yes it does.

I played the open beta that happened a few weeks back, and even though I know I absolutely sucked at the game, I enjoyed it. Though I didn’t see any of the story depicted in the shorts anywhere in the game, I still felt closer to the characters I played because I watched them. I had a lot of fun with Tracer, Reaper, and D.Va. I tried to play as all the characters, but these three were the most fun to play as. It took some time getting used to all the controls for each characters, especially Tracer with her teleporting ability, but after a few rounds I was able to get some things down.

If you like Team Fortress 2, I highly recommend picking up this game. The missions that need to be done in Overwatch are the same as the ones in TF2. It really is the same game just with better characters all around and better environments. Each character is so unique it’s hard not to play as just one. The stages are gorgeous, and I loved all of them.

I know this isn’t much about the game, but I hope you all enjoy it! Have fun playing as some great characters, and make sure you all play as D.Va at some point. She’s great, I promise. For more on Overwatch and other amazing games from Blizzard, make sure you come back to the GAME ROOM!!