Game Room Week 1 In Review

Hello readers. This is a special post from me to you, extending my thanks for your support in this starting week. Last week I was a guy with an idea to start writing about games again, but to take things to the next level. My old blogger business wasn’t cutting it for me, and I wanted something I could point to and say “hey world, I can write and I know games.” Now I have that.

Over the past ten days, I started a website, wrote anywhere between 11-15 reviews, among many other types of posts. From critical analysis to designer talk. I made a video review using footage I captured from in game, and I started a podcast with some of the most trustworthy and charming people I’ve ever met. That’s a pretty big week. Over the next week I have even more plans and even bigger ideas. With any luck I’ll be coming through on my promise to deliver something pretty exclusive this week. We’ll have a few more reviews, another episode of the podcast, and definitely at least one more video review.

If there’s anything in particular that you would like to see, definitely follow me on Twitter or Facebook, and I will do my best to take all requests. With that being said, I know today’s post is a little short, but we’re diving back in tomorrow with all new content. So for more on things you could only find here, come back for more from the GAME ROOM!!!

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