Mustapha On The Legend of Zelda

I love Zelda. Isn’t that obvious? I mean you guys already know me to be a pretty big Nintendo fan. I didn’t grow up with the Zelda series. In fact, my first time playing one of the games from beginning to end was Ocarina of Time 3D. Since then, I’ve played Majora’s Mask, Minish Cap, Skyward Sword, Wind Waker, and yes, even the original from beginning to end. Now with Breath of the Wild being the next in line, I wanted to talk about why I love the games.

It’s mostly because of the epic narrative. Zelda lets you taste its world in such an incredible way, not even the Elder Scrolls games have captured this in the same way. I don’t think any game is a better example of this than Wind Waker. Architecture, characters, themes, they all come together in this weirdly silent story.

I’ve never experienced something quite like it. Seeing the Hylian Crest on a wall suddenly makes you question how such a place came to be. The sound of Zelda’s song rings across the series, signalling lore and story from decades past. This is a game series that really does stay true to its lore. So much so, that the horrific mess that is the timeline is arbitrary in the grand scheme of the series.

I don’t have a very popular opinion in the sense that I consider Skyward Sword to be the best in the series. This is largely due to its charming cast. I like the villains. Ghirahim is probably one of my favorites in the franchise. His mind-games and fighting style make him a very fresh face in this world of pigs and pitchforks.

I’m sort of getting off on a rant. Tomorrow we’re having the podcast, where our topic will be MULTIPLAYER GAMES! Games we play as a group, and games we think capture the essence of co-op and competition alike. You may even see a familiar face there. So come along and join us here on the GAME ROOM!!!

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