Video Game Reviews

I’m a reviewer at heart because like most millennials, I love criticizing things. Still, my critique is not without purpose. Games are awesome, and I believe that can be quantified, strange as it sounds. I use the design principles learned from a Game Design education, as well as the writing skills I’ve developed through practice and formal education to discuss what makes games great or otherwise.

Electronic Entertainment Expo

I spent a lot of years working with MMOExaminer, time in which I was fortunate enough to do livestream coverage of E3 Media Briefings. This is the best event of the year for us gamer types, and I give you a walkthrough some of the best games talked about for the last several years! Also, there’s a live reaction to the Smash Ultimate announcement in here, so that’s worth checking out.

The Occasional Podcast

Back in the day, I used to do a lot of speculating about games and their purpose. The concept of the games is old as time, but trying to dig into why we enjoy games, especially certain types is the spice of life. That’s why I got together with this team to make it happen. Check it out!

Thank you all for reading and come back soon for more from the Game Room!!!